EddyThron Brings Aloft Side Project To Remix ALTREAL’s ‘Lost Voices’

In need of some Organic House for the weekend? Say less.

Enjoying your weekend so far? We sure are. We were catching up with all the new music released yesterday. And we’ve landed on the perfect underground Organic House track for your weekend. A drink, a sunset, pianos, and enjoying life. If this sounds like your cup of tea, keep reading. Out today is EddyThron‘s remix of a beautiful track which is celebrating its first anniversary.

You’ve heard about Eddy before. Actually, you heard about him not long ago, five weeks back, when he released his single ‘Callao & Santa Fe‘ on 3rd Avenue. Under his subalias EddyThron pres. Aloft, he’s slowly but surely capturing all spheres and captivating all ears within the Organic and Progressive realms. His latest, though? His very own touch on ALTREAL‘s ‘Lost Voices‘.

‘Lost Voices’

The aforementioned serves as a name for a single that kickstarted a record label. A homonymous record label. House and Progressive producer ALTREAL crafted a track in early 2023 which he loved the sound of, but couldn’t see as a part of any of the imprints he’d worked with in the past.

When I started ‘Lost Voices’ as a demo, I felt it wasn’t gonna find a home in any of my good label friends I’d worked with before, since it didn’t fit the sound and vibe they work with, but still wanted it to see the light of day“, he says. “Cue launching my own imprint to release those tracks I make that don’t fit a norm or an established label“.

The producer, who’s earned plays from Aly & Fila, Gabriel and Dresden, and Paul Thomas, among others, and released on labels like FSOE UV and Purified, figured he’d open a new space in the industry: one not limited to any particular genre. Lost Voices was then born, as a place to share “what sometimes gets lost otherwise“.

Cue launching my own imprint to release those tracks I make that don’t fit a norm or an established label.


EddyThron pres. Aloft: Back On It

Having returned to his studio after the first fortnight of January playing for the Argentinian Dance scene, EddyThron is preparing a whole bunch of music for this year. His ‘Lost Voices’ rethink comes from much earlier, though. As early, in fact, as March of last year, when the original track had just seen the light of day.

My ‘Lost Voices’ remix was born, believe it or not, roughly a year ago, while fiddling with the idea of making the ATOP concept turn into a reality“, comments Eddy. “Although ALTREAL gave me the green light, I couldn’t come up with something that lived up to the original in time, so I played it without changes instead“.

“We kept elaborating on the idea months after, though. And, slowly but surely, Aloft took matters to his own hands.”


The remix features groovy drums, a piano melody, and extra textures, all while staying as close to the original vibe as possible. As was Eddy’s idea with the track: originally envisioned as a private edit, he wished to preserve the vibe, and, perhaps most importantly, the vintage-sounding elements ALTREAL designed.

Listen to ALTREAL‘s ‘Lost Voices‘, the EddyThron pres. Aloft mix, by heading to the Spotify button we’ve attached. Also, check out an official visualiser with extracts from Eddy’s very own ATOP set on YouTube, right here. And click this link to support the release on your platform of choice.