EDM Songs That Are Commonly Credited To The Wrong Artist

In electronic music, songs can get a bit confusing. Many times artists will support others by playing their music in sets. If a song truly goes f, sometimes it can be attributed to the person playing out the tune rather than the artist which created it. In some cases artist side projects can also make things incredibly confusing. Many times fans will think their favorite duo produced a track, when in reality it was only half alongside another artist.

We looked through the internet and found some classic dance music hits which are usually attributed to the wrong artist. This might not be the case for some our loyal readers, so if none these ever fooled you – comment which tracks you have fallen for before!

‘Pink Elephants’ by Daladubz Is Commonly Credited To Bassnectar

Bassnectar started to play this track out and immediately his ravenous fan base attributed it to Bassnectar himself. In reality one the biggest songs credited to Bassnectar had nothing to do with him in production!

‘Calling’ by Ingrosso & Alesso Is Commonly Credited To Swedish House Mafia

Between Swedish House Mafia, and Axwell//Ingrosso – Sebastian Ingrosso and Axwell have found some difficulty producing tracks that are correctly credited to the right party. Ingrosso and Alesso’s masterpiece, ‘Calling’, is commonly thought to be a Swedish House Mafia track when in reality one one the members worked on production.

‘Took A Pill In Ibiza (Seeb Remix)’ Is Commonly Credited As An Original Mix By Mike Posner

Sometimes an artist can remix an original so well, it becomes more famous than the ficial release. This was absolutely the case for Seeb’s remix Mike Posner’s ‘Took A Pill In Ibiza’. Many are not aware that they are only familiar with Seeb’s remix and have never heard the original, much more relaxed cut.

‘Hold On (Subfocus Remix)’ Is Commonly Credited As An Original Mix By Rusko

Again we find that a remix outshines the original. Subfocus’ remix Rusko’s ‘Hold On’ eclipsed the the ficial release so entirely that the original ever rarely played out live. Fans have come to associate the Subfocus remix to Rusko – even though the original tune is much more laidback.

‘Together’ by DJ Falcon and Thomas Bangalter Is Commonly Credited To Daft Punk

Thomas Bangalter is half Daft Punk. Shortly after the release Daft Punk’s first album, Bangalter continued to produce under his given name for quite some time. His collaboration with DJ Falcon ‘Together’ is best known for it’s inclusion into the sets Alive 2007. In reality it is not a Daft Punk track besides half Daft Punk having co-author credits.

‘Reload’ By Sebastion Ingrosso & Tommy Trash Is Commonly Credited To Axwell//Ingrosso

Here again we find a Seb Ingrosso struggling to have one his biggest hit correctly attributed to him. Sebastian Ingrosso and Tommy Trash released the massively successful ‘Reload’ right around the time that Axwell//Ingrosso start to tour together as a duo act. In turn the track is falsely credited to Axwell//Ingrosso when it was the work only one the guys alongside Tommy.

What did we miss? Let us know in the comments!