Eph See makes dreamy bedroom pop with the help of creative app Quadio

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Eph See makes dreamy bedroom pop with the help of creative app Quadio

Juggling school and artistry is no easy feat, but for Boston singer-songwriter, Eph See, her online and IRL academic life have both played important roles in her musical journey.

“I learned how to play guitar around middle school and that’s around the same time when I started songwriting consistently. It was my equivalent to having a diary,” she explained. “I’ve always been a musical kid, which I feel like everybody says, but for me, it’s really like that.”

With self-produced electro-pop tracks about self-reflection, growth, and the foils of young adulthood, Eph See speaks to navigating the dreams, goals, and pitfalls of your early 20s, all while striking a delicate balance between contemplative and danceable with singles like the daydream-laden “the pill,” and the airy “did i?”

Eph See makes dreamy bedroom pop with the help of creative app Quadio

After releasing her first single “Contact” while she was still in high school, college offered Eph a new musical outlet that helped her hone her craft even more. “When I got to college, I joined Northeastern University’s premier a cappella group, The Nor’easters, and that really taught me a lot about my voice,” she explained, also citing her experience as a Music Industry and Communications major with a minor in Music Recording as an important part of the process that brought her debut EP, g*rlhood, together.

“It’s honestly been a blessing because my [school] projects are usually music-related,” she explained, adding that a final project in one class was to create the single release marketing rollout for a track she’d recorded in another class. “My group agreed to do it for my single “field recordings” and we planned this cute valentine’s day release. Being in classes with other music industry students also helps a lot.

Eph also credits the project’s development to college creative network and community app Quadio, where she was able to connect with artists all over the country and take part in virtual events like the app’s Summer Songwriting Club. “My favorite part of the app is how easy it is to find people to collaborate. Without the Quadio community, g*rlhood wouldn’t exist,” Eph explained, having met the EP’s producer and cover artist on the app. “I was able to find people who were just as passionate about making music and art as I am.”

Stream g*rlhood below.

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