Eric Sharp & Give In Deliver Bold New Single And 2 Brilliant Remixes In New EP

LA’s Sound Nightclub’s resident Eric Sharp has teamed up with Give In for a bold new single that is intelligent in design and smooth in delivery. ‘Version 3′ is a pensive exercise in modern electronic music. With a smooth driving beat and atmospheric elements, the single delivers in a big way. What’s more is that the guys fered 2 brilliant remixes the track in a new EP package.

The Remixes

The Tenova remix ‘Version 3′ is a more energized house cut the tune. It keeps the original’s otherworldly atmospheric pieces but perfectly molds in some delicious elements. This remix was crafted to make the tune more club friendly and is an all-around success.

The Modus & Micah Smith remix ‘Version 3′ is a more subtle approach to editing the track. It remains much more similar to the original but instead injects a groovy undertone that elevates the tune to a new level. Overall this is an incredibly impressive little package for a truly stellar tune. Check out the original and remixes below.