Exclusive Premiere – Watch The Official Music Video For DIMMI & Zeeba's 'Found U'

DIMMI, the Paris-born Deep House producer joined forces with the famous Brazilian singer, Zeeba for the indie-pop track ‘Found U’ back in September last year and has already amassed over 7 million streams on Spotify.

The sub-label Armada: The Bearded Man immediately fully supported this track as well, so much they decided at Armada’s fice to add visually footage to the audio Found U. So DIMMI flew into Sao Paulo for filming the video clip together with Zeeba. The result is an absolutely perfect fit to the track: authentic, inventive and progressive.

‘Found U’ consists the perfect balance between Zeeba’s vocals full affection and DIMMI’s mellow dance type beat. Once it was released it instantly got into the top charts in Brazil and honestly: we understand why. The music video is just as beautiful telling the tale what seems to be young love.

“I played it in different clubs and festivals in Brazil since a couple years back and I’ve loved the vibe there from the start, so going to parties and meeting the artists that are from there was already amazing, but being able to work with Brazilian artists, such as Zeeba and Bruno Martini is truly an honour.” – DIMMI

Check out DIMMI & Zeeba’s ‘Found U’ below!