Fancy Folks And k?d Release New Captivating, Dance Hall Inspired Single – 'Necessary'

k?d was one the most exciting artists to blow up in 2017. His productions are incredibly complex yet accessible to the more casual electronic music fans. After a series high prile collaborations in 2017, it appears that k?d has refocused on solo productions, and not surprisingly, he is killing the same. It has been incredible to watch k?d develop as an artist as he explores new styles. Just today k?d released a single that features dancehall rhythms that will blow your mind.

While many artists have tried to feature dancehall stylings in their tracks, they tend to end up sounding like a poor man’s Major Lazer. k?d, on the other hand, has seamlessly blended the traditional style into his productions without compromising his signature sound. The collaborator on the track, Fancy Folks, give ‘Necessary’ an added depth. This is far from shocking considering the size and mysterious nature the up and coming production group. Seemingly every week k?d continues to crank out hits, so naturally, we cannot wait to see what he releases next. Check out the tune below.