Feint revels in lofty drum 'n' bass dysfunction with 'Defiant' EP – Dancing Astronaut

Feint‘s prolonged love affair with ubiquitous drum ‘n’ bass area, Liquicity, lives on. His myriad of releases with the legendary, YouTube-oriented label housing stretches into 2018 with the three-track Defiant EP, which incorporates an auspicious instrumental reduce of his capstone Liquicity collaboration with Koven, “Take It In.”

The EP serves to satiate listeners who acknowledge Feint’s “Whatever I Do” remix (initially launched by Cartoon) which he debuted inside his fiercely streamed, 99-track UFK Podcast circa 2016. In this rendition, Feint revs up the Amen breaks and blasts the bass line from a subdued echo to a rogue wave of euphoric urgency. Pushing the deliciously delirious tone onward, Laura Brehm’s seasoned Liquicity lungs breathe a chimerical cloud atop the EP’s title observe, serving as the top of the gathering’s nuanced lifeblood by providing a speeding dissonance paired with wistful guitar interludes. The work as a complete illustrates Feint’s inexorable potential to thrust listeners by way of plenty of halcyon soundscapes in a matter of mere minutes.