FIRST LISTEN: DJ Snake's Next Single "Magenta Riddim"

It’s almost mean to put “riddim” in a song title these days (especially in dance music) and not have it translate to that murky dubstep that has pervaded clubs and festivals for the past two years. And yet, we know that culturally, the word has a much older and more significant meaning: in reggae, dancehall, calypso, soca, and reggaeton parlance it refers to the instrumental accompaniment to a song.

DJ Snake is gearing up to releases his next single “Magenta Riddim” soon, and thanks to a curious ear on Instagram, we’ve got our first listen. The live preview was captured by DJ Snake’s manager Steve Goncalves and recorded by good Samaritan .

It certainly isn’t the dubstep kind riddim at all, instead sounding more like some DJ Snake’s Encore tracks with an Indian or Middle Eastern influence.

Snake said it was dropping “next week” as this past Sunday – so while slightly vague, it’s definitely either coming out this Friday, February 23 or next, March 2. Either way, take your first listen to “Magenta Riddim” below.