FIRST LISTEN: Knife Party's Upcoming Remix of Pendulum Debuted Live [VIDEO]

As we eagerly wait for Pendulum’s The Reworks to drop in full this coming June, we continue to get bits and pieces remixed work from all the artist’s involved. First we heard Ekali dropping Skrillex’s remix “The Island, Pt 1,” now we’re getting Knife Party’s remix the Pendulum classic “Blood Sugar.”

We haven’t gotten any new Knife Party music since 2016’s “Battle Sirens” with Tom Morello, so this is a welcome release. Rob and Gareth turn their old, wild drum and bass tune into a pounding house monster ready for the dance floor.

The video below was posted to reddit by /u/ without much additional information – so as to when this was dropped, we’re not sure; but we can hear Gareth mention Manchester, so perhaps it was the Life In Color event there this past February. Nonetheless, the sound quality is as good as you might expect from a phone recording, and we’re stoked for the full release.

Check it out below!