FIRST LOOK: Coachella's New & Improved EDM Stage Is Absolutely Massive [VIDEO]

As much as we and everyone else love Coachella, we can all cite one big issue: the Sahara. The Sahara tent is the de facto dance, electronic and hip-hop tent at the festival, and everyone from Daft Punk to Marshmello has played it. As EDM and dance music got bigger in America, the Sahara grew with new, bigger stages. But, even the massive mega structure used last year .

We learned last week that the for this year’s festival. Now, we may know what the new Sahara will look like. A investigated Coachella using a bigger mega structure that was used during the recent Super Bowl events in Houston and San Francisco Bay Area.

The user found some interesting details about AG, the company that owns the old Sahara mega structures seen at Ultra, EDC Las Vegas and more. On March 23, AG posted the news the Sahara’s expansion and relocation on their Facebook page with the caption, “It looks like the cat’s out the bag.”

AG’s most recent post after that was made on February 4, flashing back to a video the massive mega structure used at Super Bowl 50 in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The most interesting tidbit? AG captioned the Super Bowl 50 video with “Get ready for an appearance by the mega structure] again this year.” If Coachella will end up using this mega structure, it’d mark one the largest mega structures ever used at a music festival. The Super Bowl 50 mega structure is apparently 200 feet wider than the previous Sahara mega structure, and is nearly 140 feet tall. It remains to be seen if the mega structure will be used exactly or adapted to fit Coachella, but we will find out in two weeks when weekend one the festival begins.


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