Flume Announces 2 New Documentaries About Himself and Future Classic

Flume is an artist who truly only comes once in a lifetime. The effect he has had on EDM has been one the most pround any artist. He introduced the world, or at the very least made the future bass sound popular. He cut through mainstream biases and his music could be heard from clubs to college parties, to cfee shops. To say Flume is iconic is not hyperbole, it is just fact. The same can be said about the once sleepy little label from the land down under who championed Flume’s sound from the very start. Of course, I am talking about Future Classic.

The label which gave life to artists including Flume, Classixx, Nick Murphy (formally Chet Faker), Seekae, Flight Facilities and so many more, was never scared to take a chance on a new sound. Whether it was light, sophisticated and airy, or full-on aggressive and raw Future Classic stayed true to their name and introduced the world to some the most iconic songs in this generation electronic music.

Their star pupil, Flume took to his Instagram to announce that two documentaries one about himself and the other about the label will be available exclusively on Apple Music next Friday, April 20. So get ready to definitely not partake in any the festivities the day (wink wink), and enjoy yourself some incredible stories about two major pieces electronic music as we know it.