Flume Co-Wrote A Song Off Of What So Not's Latest Album

This is a surprising development in the world What So Not. Before diving any deeper, let us start with the back story for those who are unaware. Back in the day What So Not used to be a 2 person project. Both Flume and Emoh Instead performed under the name together. Once the Flume project blew up for Harley, he stepped away from What So Not, and Emoh took the reins entirely himself.

There were some reports a falling out between the two DJs, even though both found insane individual success. On What So Not’s latest album is a song named ‘Be OK Again’. The track was released as a single ahead the albums release on Friday. According to ARPA AMCOS Flume helped co-write this track. While some see this as a sign the two reconnecting, it is more likely the guys started the track back in the day and Emoh is just giving Flume his due credit.

Whatever the reason, it is an interesting story.