Fransis Derelle Unleashes A Truly Brutal Remix Of ATLiens’ – ‘Interstellar’

When an original track already goes plenty hard I am always curious to see what direction remixers will go in when they start to rework things. Usually I am a proponent not ramping up intensity even further because the results can end up being a bit silly. But Fransis Derelle has demonstrated that my rule thumb has it’s exceptions as the up and coming artist injected 1000ccs intensity in ATLien’s smash hit ‘Interstellar’ and it works perfectly.

‘Interstellar’ has been transformed into a rowdy trap banger that goes absolutely f in the opening seconds the tune. Fransis has decided to still allow the gorgeous vocals the original to shine through, with a well placed melodic section that gives listeners a break from an otherwise full frontal assault trap and bass. Overall this is a truly exciting remix and I am sure some more great things will be coming from Fransis Derelle as 2018 pushes forward. Check it out below.