Future Leader Of Goldman Sachs Moonlights As A House DJ [VIDEOS]

Meet the presumed future leader  Goldman Sachs — David Solomon aka DJ D-Sol! While David Solomon the businessman spends his days negotiating deals for one the world’s most powerful investment banks, he spends his nights spinning records around New York and Miami clubs as DJ D-Sol.

“I] kind stumbled into DJing] as a hobby, and now I just do it for fun,” Solomon during a podcast.

The 55-year-old’s passion for music has landed him gigs around the world, including the Bahamas and the MTV Europe Music Awards in London. Not too shabby for a guy just doing this for fun.

As the apparent heir to CEO Lloyd Blankfein, who is reportedly stepping down within the next year, Solomon will be making more than your average DJ’s salary. According to , he’s already making a cool $1.85 million in his current position with Goldman Sachs.

DJ D-Sol is truly doing it for the music — and from the sounds it, house music is his genre choice!

David Solomon AKA DJ D-Sol 


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