GAB & Pillows – Strangers

Back in September, we discovered the up-and-coming Los Angeles based producer Pillows, who captivated us by her dreamy persona. Her chart-topping track ‘‘ left us wanted to hear more from this talented artist. Recently, Pillows, real name Ameria, has collaborated with GAB, a likeminded DJ from Cork, Ireland. Trust us, you’re going to want to check this one out!

If you’re going through a breakup, or have experienced heartbreak in the past, GAB & Pillows latest track ‘Strangers‘ out on CYM is one that you will immediately want to add to your playlist. Although most breakup songs are, let’s be real, downers, ‘Strangers’ is one that will make you want to dance your sorrows away!

When we first started to listen to the brand new track, we were delighted to discover that our wish to hear more of Pillows haunting vocals came true. The track also kicked off with lush piano vocals and quickly builds to a piano-driven drop. To top off the undeniable beauty of the composition of the track, the second drop features a prominent sax line.

Give It a Listen Below: