Germany Legalizes the Use of Cannabis for ‘Recreational Purposes’

Germany has officially embraced cannabis! The country’s parliament has greenlighted the possession and usage of cannabis. The associated law specifies that the purpose of possession is for recreational use. The age bar for the same should also be 18 and above. Health Minister Karl Lauterbach has noted the measure could curb the circulation of ‘adulterated or contaminated cannabis’ and the subsequent revenue attached.

Germany’s lower house, namely the Bundestag, has approved smoking cannabis in public. Specified amount of weed could be carried in public spaces. This amount is 25 grams. The official weight is 50 grams for carriage and usage in private residences. Usage has been restricted to 30 grams for under 21s. As per BBC, smoking of cannabis will be illegal near schools and sports grounds.

We have two goals: to crack down on the black market and improved protection of children and young people

German Health minister Karl Lauterbach

April 1 is the specified date for the new regulations to come in existence. The new law also facilitates growing and selling of cannabis by non-social member clubs or “cannabis social clubs”. Users are also permitted to grow three plants each for discreet consumption. The German government intends to monitor and study the new law closely in the coming months. The intent is to gradually authorize the licensed sale of the drug.