Ghastly & Barely Alive Drop Absolutely Bonkers New Single – 'Fake U Out'

Every Friday I end up combing through dozens new songs as I slowly work on reviewing each one. Usually one will stick out to me as the front-runner, and this week it is no doubt Ghastly and Barely Alive’s new single ‘Fake U Out’. This tune is just downright massive as it perfectly showcases the two unique styles its collaborators.

Ghastly is best known for his f the cuff synth work. The man just loves cascading and crashing effects, as he should though because he can utilize them arguably better than anyone else in the game at the moment. Barely Alive, on the other hand, has the innate ability injecting tunes with a sense real energy. For these reasons the pair working together is a match made in heaven.

‘Fake U Out’ is mostly centered in the bass house paradigm but is packed to the brim with trap elements as well. When the drop hits it is as unexpected as possible and leave you stunned as you try to keep your footing. In the second half the tune, a tempo change quickens the pace the beat making for a dynamic listening experience that will have you keeping this one on repeat. Check out ‘Fake U Out’ below.