Ghastly Has Been Dropping Some Hilarious Content on Socials

The mans with one the raddest heads hair in the industry has captivated millions across the globe with his vertebreaking sound. Announcing an his album “The Mystifying Oracle” will be dropping in the Spring, along with a tour across North America, David Lee Crow has not skipped a beat on his socials. If you have had the chance to meet Ghastly, you will know that he has one the cooler personalities in the industry. Insanely down to earth, caring and absolutely hilarious, it was only a matter time before his personality came out more and more on the internet. Over the past few weeks especially, Ghastly has been dropping some hilarious videos on socials that have left us laughing uncontrollably and wishing we could catch his next show. On one the most well known management teams in the Music Industry under Moe Shalizi, we have seen many these artists personalities coming through and taking over our social media platforms. With all that said, I have compiled some these videos for your viewing pleasure below. One them includes “how to make it in the music industry” so take notes. Share this and make your friends think you’re funny. LETS GO TO EDC MEXICOOOOOO!

Just follow his youtube page. Its unreal.
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Photo Cred: RUKES