Grace Gracie Debuts Beautiful And Powerful New Single – 'Devil' Ft. Bre [EDM Sauce Premiere]

Up and coming artist Grace Gracie has debuted a gorgeous new crossover single featuring Bre. The track incorporates several elements in a genre defying twist that will perfectly bring you into the weekend. This tune is a force reckoned with both vocally and production wise. What is most captivating is the way the style will change throughout. It seamlessly goes from ballad to R&B soul to rap verse right into future bass without ever missing a beat.

A True Statement Piece

The way the song seamlessly transitions is a true testament the production ability Grace Gracie. She is truly giving young women (and hell…young men too) everywhere a strong role model to look up to in electronic music. ‘Devil’ tells a story as well that will resonate with many listeners on different levels. While the lyrics are open to interpretation they will make you feel something and that is the most important aspect any piece music.

Grace Gracie has made a strong statement as the first quarter 2018 begins to come to a close. It says loud and clear that 2018 is going to be her year, and we are excited to see what comes next. Check out the track below and give Grace Gracie a like on Facebook and follow on Twitter.