Grammy Nominees Got Counter-Terrorism Briefing Day Before Ceremony

In the wake the unspeakable terrorist attacks in Las Vegas, Manchester, and Paris, the super star musicians at the Grammy’s received a counter-terrorism briefing ahead the ceremony. The 60th Annual Grammy’s took place last night at a packed house at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

One ISIS expert, Dr. Amir Bagherpour, was part the team experts that briefed the musicians. In an interview with Rolling Stone, he had this to say:

The briefing was an all-day training seminar held in a Times Square hotel sweet consisting high prile musicians. It was the first time a briefing “provided non-event-specific practices from US State Department and European Union ficials directly to the musicians themselves.” Part the briefing included creating situational awareness, avoiding time and place predictability and crafting a contingency plan.

With almost all the music industry’s biggest start in one the world’s most iconic venues, it’s no surprise this briefing was held. There’s no doubt that moving forward, this will be become the status quo. It’s part the world we live in now.