Grimes shares “Player Of Games” music video

If you know very little about Grimes, you’re probably still aware that she loves science fiction. As soon as her music video budgets transitioned from bordering DIY to slightly more expensive with 2014’s “Go,” she began commissioning and creating visuals that reflected her love of fantasy, sci-fi, anime, and video games. All those touchstones come together once more in the music video for her recent single “Player Of Games,” streaming above.

Written by Grimes and directed by Anton Tammi, “Player Of Games” doesn’t conceal its references. There are Star Wars lightsabers, and Grimes’ nemesis/lover wears a suit pulled right out of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings movies. Their standoff is visualized through sword fights and chess games on boards that are normal, huge, and on the TV, set in a futuristic castle. There’s a lot going on even before diving into the circuit-fried song itself, but you definitely won’t get bored. Check it out above.