Hardwell And KAAZE Release Ultra Miami Intro ID, ‘Move’

The single also marks Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings’ thousandth offering, after nearly 15 years of existence.

Huge news has landed on Dance music grounds lately, as one of the icons of the genre, Hardwell, put out yet another piece of new music. Not that we hadn’t heard of, though, as this particular track was ID’d as Robbert’s opening track from his epic Ultra Miami 2024 set, one that made headlines due to the sheer tension we all lived through when his original timeslot was, quite literally, washed away by Day One’s rain, then rescheduled for Saturday.

It was a set for the books, and has no problem being compared to his 2013 UMF set due to the calibre of the mashups involved, the new music premiered, and the crowd’s euphoric reaction. Even the time of day was similar, as Hardwell himself commented in our recent interview with him:

You know, that sunset slot reminded me so much of my 2013 set.


‘Move’, The Infamous Ultra ID

This is it. If there was a moment during Hardwell’s Ultra Miami set that was bound to make you feel the goosebumps, was during the intro track. Him grabbing the mic and screaming “What’s up Ultra?! We f*cking made it, baby!” was, quite literally, the happy ending we were all waiting for regarding his set — which, by the way, he’s commented he prepares his Ultra Miami sets months in advance to make every second count.

Just fresh out of the oven, Hardwell now released his acclaimed ‘Move‘ to the world. But this is not a solo work. Joining him in the studio was KAAZE, one of Revealed Recordings’ most influential artists, and whose story with the label goes a long way.

Nearly ten years ago, KAAZE published ‘Atomic’ on the label, and he’s been a top contributor ever since, with over 50 official releases. It is quite a fitting decision to unveil ‘Move’ now, not only because of the history of both artists on the label, but also because it turned into nothing more and nothing less than Revealed Recordings number 1000 release. You read that right.

Countless tracks have turned into hits during the label’s 14-year story, such as Hardwell’s ‘Encoded’ in 2011, ‘Countdown’ alongside MAKJ in 2013, Paris Blohm’s ‘Left Behinds’ from 2014, and Nom de Strip and 3LAU’s ‘The Night’ cover from 2015. Now, ‘Move’ is set to become yet another core chapter of Revealed, as it closes 1000 releases, and opens the door for 1000 more.

Listen to Hardwell & KAAZE’s ‘Move’ down below for your Spotify play. Also, rewatch Robbert’s Ultra Miami set from March, right here. Be sure to check out our May interview with him, and stay tuned to our page for the latest news and views regarding our beloved Dance industry.