Hardwell Unleashes The Most Massive ID Of Ultra Day 1 (Listen)

As we all know, Ultra Music Festival is the home the ID. An “ID” is basically just a new song that has never been released that doesn’t have a name, hence “ID”. Well, Hardwell ROCKED the Main Stage yesterday for Day 1 Ultra and many may agree with me – he unleashed the most high energy the entire night!

As usual, Hardwell’s set was LOADED with new music that had the crowd and fans watching the live stream left with their mouths open. 1 ID in specific had the fire emojis in full effect on the youtube, twitch, and discord Ultra chats. An absolute speaker shaking heater, this ID by Hardwell features vocals by an unnamed vocalist and many are speculating is also a collab with KAAZE. Check out the massive track below as well listen/watch his full set from last night!