Harry Styles is a merman in new “Music For a Sushi Restaurant” video

Harry Styles has shared the visual treatment for “Music For a Sushi Restaurant,” the opening track from his third solo studio LP, Harry’s House, released in May. The track is already RIAA-certified Gold and still sits in the pop radio top 10 alongside two other Harry’s House cuts — “As It Was” and “Late Night Talking” — making Styles the first male artist with three concurrent top-10 pop radio singles.

In the new Aube Perry-directed video, shot in Brooklyn last month, the enterprising owner of a sleazy sushi joint finds Styles in merman form, washed up on a beach and only semi-conscious. The owner drags Styles to his restaurant, where he awakens on a kitchen counter as the cooks begin to prep the day’s haul. Luckily, Styles’ singing convinces the owner to switch him from the main course to the night’s entertainment. Watch the clip above.