HEKLER & Gladez Team Up For Heart Stopping Single "404"

Sound design in bass music is becoming an ever present factor in how you can stand out amongst the flurry producers nowadays. It seems like with every track that comes out, producers are pushing the envelop even further. Today we have a track that goes along with that idea and is sure to absolutely blow your mind.

HEKLER & Gladez are two producers known for their insane approach to music and sound design, and their new single “404” is no different than the many other tracks that they have released in the past. Complete with mind bending basses and swirling synths, it’s clinical and insanely complex sounding. “404” is something that is truly unique and will leave you questioning the bass music landscape as we know it.

Make sure to check out HEKLER & Gladez new single out on Never Say Die below, and also catch them on their upcoming “404 Tour.”

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