Henry Fong Actually Followed Through On His Swedish House Mafia Bet, Well Kind Of

Henry Fong recently promised to do more than he could handle. On March 21st, Henry Fong tweeted that “if Swedish House Mafia makes a comeback this week, I’ll shave my head and jump in the fountaineblue pool naked.”

As soon as Swedish House Mafia appeared at Ultra Music Festival 2018, fans began to send hundreds tweets and the DJ and producer.

So did he deliver? Not exactly. He did manage to cut one his dreads and did jump a bridge naked. Watch the footage and see his comments below.

Riggi & Piros also mentioned that they would get a Swedish House Mafia tattoo if they came on stage. Now it looks like they have to fulfill on their promises as well.

Now Deorro is even saying that he will do the same thing as Henry Fong.