Heyz Delivers Wondrous Debut EP, Out Now via Mau5trap

Simplicity is key when it comes to the debut EP from mau5trap‘s freshest meat, Heyz… But as the techno project takes form, it becomes immediately clear that his minimalist approach doesn’t lack any sort impact.

The North Carolina-based producer has already been featured on mau5trap compilations including with his original “Only Now” and Foar Moar, Vol. 3 with “Quietly.” It’s only fitting his first full body work comes as a release through the same imprint.

The Schedule 1 EP introduces sounds that naturally flow from Heyz — dark, driving rhythms and striking melodies that evoke real feelings. Heyz’s productions are so technically impeccable, so clean, which makes it so easy to get completely lost in them.

First up, the title track “Schedule 1” rocks a steady beat, immediately drawing the listener in. About half way through, it dissolves into a smooth, synthy arrangement that opens up a huge, sonic space full wonder. Soon, it’s down the rabbit hole to “Schedule 2” and “Schedule 3,” which seem to go deeper and deeper into the depths the producer’s mind.

Heyz opens up about his Schedule 1 EP: For me, the ‘Schedule 1’ EP is all about putting forth a sound that naturally wanted to come out me, music with beauty and power. I hope the result is something you can enjoy on a daily basis, as well as something that will light up a dance floor one moment, and induce that “hands in the air” euphoric feeling the next.

Heyz – Schedule 1 EP

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