How To Get On Spotify Playlists With Different Spotify Playlist Curators

Playlists have now become one the most important aspects for artists today. Getting your music on highly followed playlist can generate thousands if not millions streams for your music on Apple Music, Deezer, and Spotify. In this article, we’ll be talking about how to get on Spotify playlists.

While many today’s most popular playlists are controlled by the streaming sites themselves and even some the major labels, there are still plenty independent playlist curators that artists can submit their music to. While these playlists tend to be much smaller than the playlists owned by the majors, don’t be discouraged as these playlists can still help generate thousands plays on your songs.

So unless you know the names and email addresses each one the Spotify playlist curators you’re trying to get on, Playlist Plugging is the process by which a third party gets an artist’s song placed on different playlists and there are many websites out there to help in this process.

Is Playlist Plugging Legal?

Playlist plugging is technically not legal, but it does live in a grey area. Connecting musicians to Spotify playlist curators for a fee isn’t technically a violation Spotify’s rules. Spotify update its terms service to explicitly prohibit “selling a user account or playlist, or otherwise accepting any compensation, financial or otherwise, to influence the name an account or playlist or the content included on an account or playlist.”

Streaming Promotional Groups

While there are plenty companies that you can pay to get added to Spotify playlists, this article is about connecting you directly to the curators.

Best Spotify Playlist Pitching Service

Playlist Push

Playlist Push connects artists with hundreds independent Spotify playlist curators. Once you get on the PlaylistPush website, the website asks you whether you release music ‘an artist’ or your own playlists ‘a curator’. So if you’re a Spotify playlist curator and you’ve been wondering ‘how do I make money on Spotify,’ PlaylistPush helps Spotify curators monetize their playlists. On the artist side, once you apply for a Playlist Push campaign and select all the genres that fit your music, Playlist Push will recommend your song to hundreds different Spotify playlist curators. For each song submitted on Playlist Push, the curators must listen to your track, decide whether or not to include it on one their playlists, and a review the song.


Spotlister is another Spotify playlist pitching service. Artists and Spotify curators can both access Spotlister. Spotlister describes its service as the artists themselves will get personalized suggestions playlists that best match their music, while curators will be sent music from the artists themselves. Unlike Playlist Push, Spotlister lets any artist sign up for their own account and get started in minutes. When submitting a song, the curators have the option to add the song to their playlists for a selected amount time. If the curators review the track and don’t like it, they can say no and state why they aren’t interested in the song for their playlists.

Spektrol is the newest tool for music producers. The service bids itself as analytics for YouTube channels, artists, record labels, and Spotify playlists. Within the Spektrol dashboard, playlist curators are able to create submission gates with the GateKeeper functionality. From there, the playlist curator is able to determine what their submission fee is and whether or not, they’ll accept or deny the song submission.

Illustration by Stevo / EDM Sauce