Hulu Picks Up New Docuseries Focusing On The Disastrous Fyre Festival

As someone who blogs about this industry more than anyone should, I have had the chance to write about a lot amazing events. I think Fyre Festival will always take the cake as a gift that truly keeps giving. The attempted boutique festival organized by Ja Rule and Billy McFarland failed miserably due to lack planning and competency from the organizers. The result was hundreds attendees stranded on a small island in the Bahamas that was wildly unprepared to handle the influx people. Well, that and someone the most amazing Twitter threads all time.

As we just passed by the year mark since the Fyre Festival light the world media fyre, it seems only right that new developments around the story would occur. Hulu has picked up the rights to a new docuseries about the festival, examining how something so big could go so wrong. The series comes after the arrest and subsequent plea bargain festival organizer, Billy McFarland who is awaiting sentencing but is expected to receive 8-10 years in federal prisons. While the series is still unnamed it has been reported to be a collaboration between Billboard and Mic. The series will fer exclusive conversations with attendees and employees, leaked documents and even never heard before recordings.

Stay tuned for more updates on the series, this will be one that you do not want to miss.

Source: The Verge