IKEA & Teenage Engineering Have Teamed Up To Make Epic DJ Gear

IKEA & Teenage Engineering Have Teamed Up To Make Epic DJ GearIKEA is very well-known for their consistent efforts to release reasonably priced and well-designed furniture and appliances to their consumers. Kicking it up a notch, they have teamed up with the Swedish electronics company Teenage Engineering in order to create their very own record player, and that’s just the beginning!

The collaborative team music-focused productions derives directly from FREKVENS. This groundbreaking company is aptly named as it’s Swedish for “frequency”.

This impressive collaboration is just the beginning. Teenage Engineering specializes in designing a vast array electronic instruments and speakers, and IKEA has utilized their expertise in order to develop a variety mobile party tools.

In addition to the highly anticipated record player, they are also developing party lighting, and an “electronic choir” – we are as curious as you are!

We absolutely can’t wait to get ahold a prototype – this will definitely be a game changer in the tech world! What do you think about the idea?