Illenium Debuts Jaw Dropping 1788-L Remix Collaboration Of 'Where'd You Go' At Coachella

Illenium had a truly massive year in 2017. The artists went from relative obscurity to headlining act in a matter months. This, course, is no surprise because Illenium has masterfully developed the ability to back both raw energy and deep emotion into his sets.

1788-L, on the other hand, is still an enigma in the dance music world. The mystery producer broke onto the seen barely a month ago and already has a string massive singles as well as collaborations with major artists like Rezz. This past weekend at Coachella he got even more superstar love when Illenium debuted a truly insane collaborative VIP mix ‘Where’d You Go’.

While the original is hailed as some Illeniums best work, the 1788-L remix the song is some next level stuff. It is dark, driving and ominous – all things the original was not. The mystery artist continues to blow us away with each new release, and we cannot wait to see what is next for them. Check out the video Illenium dropping the mix below.