Inside Craig Oram’s Year Ahead: New Music Releases and Festival

In this exclusive interview, we sit down with the talented Electronic Music Producer and DJ, Craig Oram, to discuss his exciting projects for 2024. From his methods to creating energetic DJ sets to his plans for the upcoming festival season, Craig shares insights into his latest productions and the inspirations behind his unique sound. As he prepares to release new tracks and remixes, Craig talks about his creative challenges, collaborative efforts, and how he plans to push the boundaries of his music. Join us as we delve into the creative mind of Craig Oram and explore what the future holds for this dynamic Producer and DJ. 

Hi Craig! How are you doing? 

Hello! I am doing great, thank you. I just got back from MINT Festival in Leeds, and it was bloody good fun. Some of the tunes were seriously good. 

Can you tell us about any exciting projects you have lined up for the upcoming months? 

At the moment, I am blasting out some guest mixes for various music culture websites like ‘6 am’ and ‘Magnetic Magazine’. If you want to hear some fresh, funky belters, have a look at my SoundCloud as they emerge. Most importantly, we have the festival season coming up, so the Campsite Kings will be out in full force. Noisily Festival in Leicestershire is next. Of course, I have several new tunes I cannot wait to release, and they will be out soon. 

What has inspired your latest productions and what can listeners expect from them? 

My last few tracks have been heavily influenced by Indie Dance wizards like Shagy and Jacob (IL), and some of the underground heroes of the Egypt music scene like Proof and Mooh. My tune ‘Stabby with Knives’ started out completely different to how the finished project sounds. After putting enough time in, you create your own inspiration. I also often take inspiration from my closest friends, as they can have great ideas for a track which I do my best to bring to life. I love that it feels like a wee challenge. With my tracks, you can always expect a good progression and the wait for the final drop to pay off. You can expect psychedelic-inspired sounds or rhythms, and I’d like to think you’d want to party when you hear them. 

Do you have any plans on releasing new remixes? What do you look for when choosing a track to remix or rework? 

I am always up for a remix; some of the best inspiration comes from hearing a rhythmic vocal. I am in the middle of a remix of a Nine & Dex single, a funky Rap track from a duo in England. I usually only like to take the acapella and then make all the instrumental myself, not using any of the original stems. 

Are there any collaborations in the works that you’re particularly excited about? 

I have been networking with some of my favourite artists, and I am hoping to get the chance to work with them. However, life is busy and gets in the way. If anyone likes my tunes and thinks we could make something great together, my email is on SoundCloud. 

How do you plan to challenge yourself creatively in the coming months? 

I guess the social media side of things is where the creation is lacking. Unfortunately, nowadays, the social media presence is where things really kick off. I am constantly in music production mode, and it’s easy to get stuck in the same routines and methods of music creation. I have bought some new hardware synths and some VST synths that I’d like to explore. Sometimes I feel my tracks can be lacking some atmospheric depth and sounds. This is an area I’d like to study more and bring a more professional sound to my projects. 

What role does experimentation play in your music-making process and how do you push the boundaries of your sound? 

Experimentation is everything, and my tracks always get to the point where I have several main sounds that I am toying with, and it can sound quite busy. Once I have played around and added the right saturation and grit or found the groove I am really after, that’s when I know I am on the path I want to be on. 

As a DJ, how do you curate your sets to keep them fresh and engaging for your audience? 

Often, I will go through any new tracks I have found – either new to me or just generally recent releases. I will always make a new folder on Rekordbox and categorise tunes, going from funky to more energetic towards the end. Between my friend circle, we get chances to practice together, and of course, our music tastes vary a bit. However, we all still appreciate a very well-made tune and a good mix. This gives me great confidence in the tracks I select and my own ability to play out the track in the best way possible. 

Are there any specific festivals or events you’re looking forward to playing at this year? 

I’m yet to be asked, but I am hopeful to finally see my name on the line-ups and show the crowds what amazing tunes are out there if you dig for them. But as I said before, I am still so happy to attend festivals. I will be partying at Noisily Festival in July and likely a couple more later in the year. 

Looking ahead, what are your long-term goals as a music producer and DJ, and how do you plan to achieve them? 

Honestly, my goal really is to just be able to make music my full-time profession and get out of the oil and gas industry. Time goes by far too fast when working a month at a time. I am the happiest man alive when behind the decks, and I can’t wait for the day that I realise I can do it for a living. Ideally, my long-term goal is to play a whole set using all my own tunes to the people who want to hear them. I don’t want to be the biggest and most famous, but I’d like to be reputable enough that the public will know they won’t be dissatisfied with my gigs. 

We conclude our interview with Craig Oram by thanking him for sharing his plans and creative insights for 2024. With a passion for music and a drive to continually evolve his sound, Craig Oram is set to make his mark on the Electronic Music scene this year; as he navigates sonic exploration, new releases, and potential collaborations, his dedication to his craft remains evident. Be sure to follow Craig Oram on his musical journey and stay tuned for the innovative sounds he promises to bring by keeping up to date with him via social media. 

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