Insomniac and End Overdose Fight Fentanyl Crisis

The event promoter Insomniac is taking action against the rise in drug overdoses across the nation. Founder of the company, Pasquale Rotella, announced on social media their new partnership with End Overdose. A non-profit created to stopping drug-related deaths. They provide education, medical intervention, and public awareness.

What plans Insomniac has with End Overdose

According to Pasquale’s twitter post there are a few changes being made to the Insomniac festival experience. End Overdose, starting at Escape Halloween, will be on sight to help and educate festival goers. Also, they will be distributing supplies needed to increase safety.

Along with the other changes, Insomniac is now allowing its attendees to bring in their own personal Naloxone. Commonly known as NARCAN nasal spray. You can find your own at Rite Aid, CVS Pharmacy, or Walgreens. End Overdose offers Naloxone on their website along with Fentanyl Testing Strips. Additionally, On their website, you can take a free education course to get certified in how to recognize and respond to signs of an overdose. Hopefully with these steps Insomniac and End Overdose will give us a more safe rave experience.