Instagram Responds To Report That It's Returning To Chronological Order

When it comes to social media, we’re at the mercy whatever algorithm the platform so desires to push at the moment. Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram have all drastically changed things up over the past year, but rumor has it one these social media giants might go back to the way things were.

Some have “suspicious activity” on Instagram, suggesting that the platform will switch from its current informed feed back to — omg, yes — the chronological feed.

According to , user posted to his Instagram Story: “Instagram back to chronological order. I wonder if this is good or bad news.” He later explained, as an Instagram employee, he was in beta testing the chronological feed. Several others have made similar claims.

Unfortunately, a spokesperson from Instagram reached out to tech site Co.Design to clear things up. “No, Instagram is not testing chronological feed,” they said. “This meme kicked up somewhere and we’ve been trying to set the record straight.”

So while it might have been nice to change it back to the chronological feed, or at least give users the option between chronological and algorithmic, it doesn’t seem like anything the sort is in the plans.