Is Swedish House Mafia Reuniting At Ultra 2018? Here's All You Need To Know

As Ultra 2018 creeps closer, there is one big story line that continues to dominate the masses. The potential reunion Swedish House Mafia. Now this is a tricky topic, as many so firmly believe it is a done deal. Still all the evidence is circumstantial and in some cases it appears some the members from SHM are playing along with the rumors – just because they can.

Social Media Updates

What most super fans cite as the most concrete evidence that the super group is reuniting are the various social media updates and postings that point to something happening. To day Swedish House Mafia has updated their Facebook prile and cover pics (though the updates have since been deleted), cleared their Spotify bio, nuked their Twitter account, and teased fans. This is a lot freaking activity for a group that’s been dead for quite some time.

What’s more is that Axwell, Ingrosso and Angello have all start to following each other on social media again, and interacting with each at a heavy rate. Considering the group broke up due to conflicts interest, and have stayed bitter to a degree, this social media interaction means a lot more than it normally would. Steveo Angello posted a picture Ultra to his Instagram today with the caption ‘Just because I can’.

Is Swedish House Mafia Reuniting At Ultra 2018? Here's All You Need To Know

Should You Get Excited?

In short, yes and no. While there has been a flutter activity across platforms when it comes to Swedish House Mafia, it is all circumstantial evidence. Steve Angello’s caption could very well be in jest and made to hype up rumors to an enormous level since he finds them funny. Ultra also has remained quiet on their plans for a special surprise performance in 2018. Therefore, both the brand and artist could be enjoying a publicity wave from a non-story and have decided to push it as far as they can go.

Steve Angello spent most 2017 aggressively re-branding himself. He released a unique episodic album which focused on Dante’s Inferno as inspiration. Because this, it would not make much sense for him to step back into the Swedish House Mafia project. Also Amy Thomson (Swedish House Mafia’s former manager) has made it clear that the picture change on the SHM was just an accident, and went so far to laugh at the idea a reunion.

Is Swedish House Mafia Reuniting At Ultra 2018? Here's All You Need To Know

In Conclusion – What Should You Expect

If I had to bet, Swedish House Mafia will not be reuniting at Ultra 20. If they do it will be for 1 or 2 songs to help close out Axwell//Ingrosso’s set. I think it is much more likely that Avicii returns to the stage for a set. Classic acts such as The Chemical Brothers (or dare I say Daft Punk) seem to be more likely – and that is really saying something. Evidence really does point to this being a PR stunt at some level. At the end the day though, what do we really know? Only time will tell.