JAUZ's Main Stage Debut Is Our Favorite Set of Ultra 2018 So Far [STREAM]

Jauz had a lot to prove with his main stage debut at Ultra Music Festival, and he did not let the opportunity go to waste. While the main stage crowd can sometimes be unforgiving, it’s ten the case that when you play true to yourself, they’re more than willing to go along with the vibes.

From the very beginning, Jauz hit the ground running with his powerful bass house and dubstep, peppering in a lot classics like “Animals,” “Ghosts N Stuff,” and “Every Time We Touch.” In each case, he made a live edit and kept things abundantly fresh.

With his debut artist album imminent, he also threw in a couple brand new tracks, including the ID at 8:15. Now, if we had to put money on it, that sounds a lot like a Knife Party collaboration with a working title “Keep The Rave Alive.” That tell-tale synth and bass work just screams Knife Party, and if it really is a collaboration, then we’re doubly excited.

Jauz took a lot risks in this set with an eclectic blend old and new, never sticking to one style too long, and it certainly paid f. Check out what was able to be recorded his set below: