Jay Hardway & The Him Team For Dream Collab 'Jigsaw'

Jay Hardway continues to be one the dance scene’s most exciting well-loved names, with a formidable discography rapidly building up. Jeroen Kerstens and Steven Berghuijs have been paving their way towards international success since the start The Him back in 2015. Whether it be crafting infectious melodies with their transcendent originals and innovative remixes or their electrifying crowds with their energetic sets, the duo are the international dance force to be reckoned with. It maked perfect sense that Jay Hardway and The Him have decided to team up, resulting in the release their new single ‘Jigsaw’.

With this new collaboration from Jay Hardway and The Him all the puzzle pieces have fallen into the right place. Their new single ‘Jigsaw’ showcases their two styles perfectly combined together. Both hailing from The Netherlands, Jay Hardway and The Him both have proven that they are dance forces here to stay!

“I always want to collab with people who inspire me and The Him definitely inspire me musically. I’ve always thought their music was cool, but when we decided to meet up at their studio in Amsterdam I wasn’t sure what to expect, as our styles are quite different. Luckily we connected instantly musically and we had a break and drop within no time! We both really liked it, and we had a version we could play in our live sets.”, explains Jay. “I think this collab with The Him is a perfect combination our two styles and it’s a track that does well in clubs and at festivals, but also works perfectly at home or in the car! :)”. – Jay Hardway

It was so good to spent time with Jobke (real name Jay Hardway) in the studio. The result is exactly what we were hoping for! We hope everyone likes it as much as we do!”. –Steven from The Him

Jay Hardway & The Him – ‘Jigsaw’ – Out now on Spinnin’ Records