Jef Miles Releases Gorgeous, Immersive New Single – 'Wild Light'

Sometimes you hear a track and the emotion you feel is a bit beyond what you might be able to put into words. In a way, that sentiment says it all, but as someone who reviews music, I will do my best. Jef Miles and Luca Fogale’s new single ‘Wild Light’ is the kind track that does not come along that ten. Meticulously crafted in every measure, special thought given to each small elements, and a true passion for their art shines through in every note. ‘Wild Light’ is a wild ride that is bound to speak to you on many different levels.

The production and instrumentation perfectly give life to the powerful vocal chorus which rings out over the shimmering beat. Slowly a subtle drum kick comes in which drives the track forward without putting the ethereal vibe that is curated throughout at risk. The lyrics this track are worth noting as much as the production.

Ages burned
And maybe we were more than words
So we’re not giving up
We’re not, no we’re not
Days go by but maybe there was more inside
So we’re not giving up

While open to interpretation it speaks to me about overcoming the odds when the cards just seem stacked against. Sometimes you just have to push through the chaos and champion what you believe in. Whether that is a love that seems lost or maybe even just a beautifully produced track that falls outside the realm what many might gravitate towards immediately in today’s world. Overall ‘Wild Lights’ is a true statement piece, but noting Jef’s previous work – we can’t say that we are surprised. Check it out below.

Overall Rating