Kaskade Releases His Long Awaited New Single – 'Fun'

At Ultra 2018 this year Kaskade in between hallowed classics, Kaskade took to the mic to announce a new track which he had been working on for quite some time. It was a collaboration known simply as ‘Fun’ which was dreamed up alongside Mr. Tape and Brohug. Upon hearing the track, the crowd immediately went absolutely wild. For good reason too. ‘Fun’ was unlike anything that was playing at the festival, today it finally has seen an ficial release.

Kaskade, Mr. Tape, and Brohuh – ‘Fun’

Kaskade’s new single is original and exciting for a few reasons. While ‘Fun’ on the nose is a vocally driven house record, underneath the surface lies an experimentation in percussion and sound design. The small chimes throughout are light and airy but add a level originality that is far from expected.

Kaskade has once again demonstrated that he is light years ahead the game with his production process. Brohug and Arkade newcomer Mr. Tape have also made a bold statement with this new collaboration. ‘Fun’ is the perfect track to drop just as festival season begins to ramp up. Get ready to hear this tune all summer long, as well it is just a lot …fun.