Knife Party Goes After Virtual Riot On Twitter After Shading Their New Pendulum Remix

There seems to be a never-ending supply Twitter beef when it comes to electronic dance music. In today’s edition EDM Twitter, we have a drunk Virtual Riot in one corner and a seemingly always over aggressive Rob Swire in the other. The firey interaction started when a drunk Virtual Riot said what we were literally all thinking – the new Knife Party remix Pendulums track ‘Blood Sugar’ absolutely sucks. At the time it seems that Virtual Riot forgot that he is a big enough star now to where his tweets can actually get the attention his idols.

If you did not know – Rob Swire can be an angry man on Twitter. Needless to say when he saw a younger artist starting to talk some smack he literally lost his mind. So the question that needs to be answered – did Knife Party’s response go too far? Or did Virtual Riot make a mistake by calling out a legend? Check out the remix below, as well as the full twitter interaction.

Blood Sugar Knife Party Remix

Knife Party vs. Virtual Riot