Konshens tackles his vices on “Can’t Stay Sober”

Dancehall star Konshens shared his latest single “Can’t Stay Sober” on Thursday, a track that sees the artist confront the pros and cons of self-medicating.

“The current climate of the world is forcing you into a state where it’s almost like you can’t stay sober,” Konshens said of the track in a press release, adding that it was partially inspired by taking stock of his own drinking habits. “I’m not encouraging it, I’m just acknowledging the reality. This is a stressful time, and people are searching for an escape.”

The track serves as the first single from his upcoming album Red Reign. Set to drop later this year, the album boasts appearances from Rvssian, Spice, and more.

Listen to “Can’t Stay Sober” above.

Thumbnail image via Ineffable Records.