Krewella, Rezz & More React To Sexual Abuse Allegations Against Datsik

Multiple women have come forward today accusing Datsik sexual misconduct — and for his fellow artists and fans it’s been difficult to think about anything else since the news broke. Not only has this situation completely shook the EDM community, but it’s continuously affecting all those who are a part the #MeToo movement. As now, is still trending on Twitter with over 22k tweets and counting.

Datsik fell silent for hours before releasing an ficial statement regarding the matter. And unfortunately, when he came back with a response it lacked any real accountability or apology. It seems all these claims were entirely dismissed by Datsik with the following words:

“I don’t condone that kind behavior and I care about every single person that I meet, on the real. I know this is a sensitive subject and I am also a sensitive dude, so please say what u must but honestly I want u to know that this shit means the world to me. …] I will make a bigger effort to make sure that nothing I do will be misinterpreted in the future.”

Some have called Datsik out by name, others have inadvertently given him the middle finger, and needless to say, the entire EDM world is in shock. Well, some are in shock and others say they saw this coming from a mile away.

Here are the DJs, the fans, the people close to the scene — and here’s what they have to say.

NOTE: Not all these may directly relate to Datsik, but to a more general discussion about consent and sexual abuse.

EDM Reacts To Claims Against Datsik

Fans certainly aren’t holding back either…