KSHMR Has Turned One Of Hans Zimmer's Most Iconic Scores Into A Trance Anthem

KSHMR has an incredible range as a producer. He tracks can range from big room to psytrance, from euphoric to dirty. He is on all ends every spectrum. For this reason when we saw that KSHMR and Mark Sixma would be teaming up to remix a track from Hans Zimmer’s score Gladiator, we were very, very excited.

KSHMR teased the new remix which will be released this Sunday, April 22 on his Instagram today and immediately within the first few measures I got chills. The track which originally was known as ‘No We Are Free’ was performed by Zimmer at Coachella last year during his iconic performance. Now KSHMR has flipped it on its head and turned it into a driving trance anthem. Check it out below!