Labrinth – Vibes / Euphoria Theme (LUUDE Flip) – EDMTunes

The Australian producer, LUUDE, has just released his latest project and this one might just be his most fascinating one yet. HBO recently just finished the first season of their next big show called, Euphoria. The show stars Zendaya as the leading role in a show about a girl who struggles with drug abuse and coming-to-age issues. Beyond the show being produced by Drake, the show in general has garnered an immense amount of positive feedback even with it’s controversial storyline. One thing the show features throughout the series is a very mystical theme song which is quite fitting as the show is named Euphoria. Now, LUUDE has just put his own spin on the show’s theme song.

LUUDE was an rapidly up and coming artist a few years ago before a horrific motorbike accident that left him partially deaf in his left ear. However, overcoming the odds, he is back and has now just put his own twist on Labrinth’s track which so happens to be Euphoria’s theme song. The LUUDE flip of the track offers a more melodic feel to the already moody track. In addition, you hear a more sensible drop that presents more bass sounds throughout the track. When speaking on this new release, LUUDE stated the following:

“I’m just stoked to beable to write music normally again, I’m more motivated than ever to really push things to a new level now -I’ve nearly finished the debut EP and while I was working on that a few remixes came together really quickly.. I’ve been loving the soundtrack to Euphoria so I couldn’t wait to do something with it”

Whether you are a a fan of the hit HBO show or not, you simply have to appreciate the story of a triumphant return to the scene by LUUDE. You can check out his latest release below now.