Las Vegas Changes Up Its Airports Thanks To Weed Legalization

Since last year, recreational marijuana has been legal in the State Nevada – except for in one place that is, Las Vegas Airport! Visitors to Las Vegas are more than welcome to indulge in some mother nature’s finest, but once they’re f back home they’re expected to get rid it before they walk into the airport.

The airport falls under the jurisdiction Clark County which actually banned marijuana possession and advertising to comply with federal law. Similar situations exist in Colorado and Washington at the moment.

To allow for trouble-free disposal, “amnesty boxes” were set up last week outside McCarran International Airport. These boxes are big green mailbox-sized boxes that are bolted to the ground and monitored for its contents which can also include prescription drugs. To CNN, McCarran airport’s public information adminstrator described what you might find in one the bins. “We’ve had a variety other things disposed in the bins. For example, I was sent a picture one the bins containing pills, vape pens, rolled tobacco-looking products, prescription bottles and marijuana-infused drinks.”

For all you readers heading out to EDC Las Vegas later in the year, feel free to indulge in some marijuana at your own pleasure (if you’re age course), but don’t forget to properly dispose what’s left on your way out!

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