Less Than A Week After The Release Of His Debut Album, Carnage Is Back In The Studio With Collaborators

Carnage has had a truly unreal 2018 so far. Not only did he finally see the release his debut album with a string high prile collaborators, the artist has also played and soldout shows all over the globe. For most artists, they would consider taking a bit a break to bask in the glory their accomplishments. Not Carnage though. Whether Carnage still has a chip on his shoulder for not being loved by the majority the dance music community, or if he is truly more dedicated than most artists remains to be seen.

Just moments ago the man who helped bring trap into the mainstream conscious (come’on that Spaceman remix is iconic), tweeted out that he is back in the new with a new collaborator. This time it is with vocalist MHD. This one makes perfect sense as the two artist’s styles seem to be begging for a collaboration. No word on when this track might see the light day, but as soon as any announcements are made – you can find them here.