LISTEN A DAY EARLY: Andrew Rayel & Graham Bell Drop Enormous Show Stopping Tune – Tambores

UPDATE: Full stream is here! Check the bottom the article for the final studio version ‘Tambores’!

A few weeks ago Armin debuted a truly jaw-droppingly track during his Ultra set. The crowd immediately was blown away by the pure energy the tune, and fans were ravenous to get their hands on it. Armada was quick to tell the public the track was by Andrew Rayel and Graham Bell and went by the name ‘Tambores’. It will finally be released tomorrow, April 20. But we can look back and take a listen to this truly show-stopping track ahead its release.

Firing On All Cylinders

We sat down with Andrew Rayel and spoke with him during Miami Music Week and were blown away to learn about the many projects he was currently working on. After our conversation, Rayel went on to play a set at the ASOT stage that was almost 90% unreleased music. Then the next week he released the landmark 100th episode his radio show, Find Your Harmony. Rayel is a busy man, but it is all for his loyal fans who are captivated by his signature style euphoric, energizing trance.

A Force To Be Reckoned With

Alongside Graham Bell in ‘Tambores’ Andrew beautiful molds the sounds big room with those trance. The big room sound is a massive point contention in the trance purist community, but Rayel has demonstrated that there is a way to feature the high energy nature massive drops alongside the euphoric qualities trance. ‘Tambores’ is a force to be reckoned with right out the gate. Pounding kicks ignite the intro, but soon a meticulous tension build begins. When this track finally lets loose it is nothing short astounding. Check out the world premiere the track below, and stay tuned because soon we will update this article with links to all digital streaming services and points purchase!