Listen To Avicii's 2006 Techno Song Produced Under The Alias Timberman

Before Tim Bergling was Avicii, Tim apparently was a techno producer with songs under his alias, Timberman.

Back in 2006, Avicii posted to a Swedish forum board his new techno song under his alter-alias. While the forum is in Swedish, Google Translate says that Avicii posted his song titled “Brain” along with this description. “This is a song I have tried to grind for a while, I dig the melody and think I have received a reasonable amount pressure in the bass and the song in general but I would need help knowing what’s still missing / should be removed when I sat With it too long to notice it yourself: D”

While Avicii continued his search for feedback, Avicii admitted to not knowing how to use the compressor effect on his VST. Read the entire conversation here, but also listen to Avicii’s song before he was famous below.

Timberman – Brain