Listen to Ibeyi’s new song “Recurring Dream”

Listen to Ibeyi’s new song “Recurring Dream” Ibeyi. Photo by Gio Kardava.  

It’s been a minute since we’ve heard new music from Ibeyi, the Afro-Cuban duo of twin sisters Naomi and Lisa-Kaindé Diaz. They dropped their excellent album Ash in 2017 and covered The FADER that same year, and since then they’ve kept a relatively low profile, sticking to features instead of sharing new Ibeyi music. That changes today with the release of a brand new song called “Recurring Dream,” an immense and weighty psychedelic soul track. Check it out below.

“Recurring Dream” appears on the soundtrack for the new film How To Stop A Recurring Dream, directed by Ibeyi collaborator Ed Morris. “Our favorite Ibeyi music videos were created by his beautiful brain,” Ibeyi wrote on Instagram. “I always felt that he understood our music and knew how to translate it into powerful images… How wonderful it is to find someone with who creating is always such a wonderful adventure.”