Looks Like A Collaboration Between Odesza And Khalid Could Soon Be In The Works

Both Odesza and Khalid have been making headlines recently, one their jaw-dropping visual display during their set at Coachella and the other for their new collaboration with Martin Garrix. I think it safe to assume that yall can figure out which is which. Now though the two superstars seem to be preparing for a new collaboration.

Odesza shot out a tweet today positing Khalid for a collaboration. Naturally, the rising star vocalist agreed and wanted to get down to business. This would truly be a match made in heaven, as Odesza’s atmospheric, intelligent electronic music does wonders when a talented vocalist is able to be featured. Khalid’s voice is literally perfect for Odesza’s style as well. So our only question is uhhh how long?? Hopefully, to not too long because I need this in my life now.